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   The Red Mill Inn has been sold and is closed.

Our property has been sold.....they made us an offer we couldn't refuse.  The Red Mill Inn’s last day as a restaurant was Sunday, June 28th, 2015.  

Having served Clarence and all of WNY since 1960, we are grateful and proud of our 55 (plus) year history.   We are so very pleased to have been a part of so many lives: romantic dinners, engagements, rehearsals and weddings, graduations,  birthdays and funerals,  dinner theater, first dates, job interviews, retirements and “first date night after a baby”, showers (baby and bridal) and promotion celebrations.  All cherished memories at our Old Red Mill Inn.  Time and time again we heard:  "It was my Grandparent’s favorite place", "Mom and Dad's Favorite Place", “This is where our family always enjoys Mother's Day or Easter together”, “We come here every New Years Eve or Christmas Eve, it’s our family tradition”, “ I asked her to marry me right at that table....and she said yes”.   Many, many wonderful people have walked through our doors. 

For Shellie and I, it's a bitter sweet day.  Our Son was only 9 months old when we purchased the Old Red Mill Inn from the Lenz family, in December 1989.  Our daughter was born six months later.  Now at 26 and 25 respectively, they have moved on with their lives and have no interest in taking over the business from us.  Therefore, we believe that God's plan for us lies elsewhere. We know that our family, which includes 100's of past employees and regular customers, will adjust, refocus and we will all begin new chapters in our lives.  We're not sure what that will be, or where that will be, but it WILL be.  

God's Blessings to all,

Thank you!

Dan and Shellie Hanley,
OWNERS - Old Red Mill Inn 1989 to 2015





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